Biscuit Plates

Biscuits and Gravy – 6.50

1 of our signature biscuits, smothered in your choice of gravy. Add a side of bacon or sausage!

Breakfast Plate – 9.50

1 biscuit with gravy, 2 eggs your way and bacon, sausage or ham. Substitute pimento cheese grits for no charge!

Butterlove Benedict – 11

Your choice of sausage, ham or bacon, egg your way, tomatoes, arugula and your choice of gravy or hollandaise on an open faced biscuit

Butterlove Rancheros – 11

Buttermilk biscuit, tots, pulled pork, eggs over easy with a house made chile verde and queso fresco

Biscuit Pot Pie – 10

Our delicious pot pie filling topped with one of our signature biscuits

Biscuit French Toast – 8

This will be your new favorite french toast! A biscuit covered in house made blueberry compote and topped with whipped cream

Shrimp and Grits – 15.50

Grits covered in a delicious house made creole sauce and topped with 6 shrimp


Biscuits and Chocolate Gravy – 5

2 of our sweet biscuits, chocolate gravy, sliced strawberries and whipped cream

S’mores Biscuit – 5

2 sweet biscuits, chocolate gravy, marshmallow cream topped with a toasted marshmallow

Biscuit Strawberry Shortcake – 4.50

Biscuit with fresh cut strawberries, strawberry sauce and whipped cream

Biscuit Bread Pudding – 5

Assorted flavors available! Call the shopto see what flavor is currently available!

Banana Pudding – 5.50

Classic southern banana pudding with nilla wafers and creamy pudding with sliced bananas

Boozy Desserts

boozy bread pudding – 10.50

Our best selling chocolate chip bread pudding with a shot of Jack Daniels

better than the hanky Panky – 10.50

A delicious moist chocolate cake topped with caramel and toffee bits with a shot of Captain Morgan

Pineapple angel cake – 10.50

Angel food cake with blueberries and pineapple with whipped cream and a shot of Pineapple Cream liquer