Signature Biscuits

*The biscuit on our signature biscuit sandwiches may not be substituted for any specialty biscuit flavor

Heavens to Betsy – 11

Fried or grilled chicken, house made pickles, arugula, red tomatoes and secret sauce

Hissy Fit – 11

Jalapeno pimento cheese, fried green tomatoes ,bacon, arugula and secret sauce

High Heaven – 12

Pulled pork, house-made pickles, coleslaw, fried onion rings and barbecue sauce

Honey Hush – 11

Fried chicken, honey butter spread, and honey drizzle

The Hot Honey- 11

Fried chicken tossed in our house made hot honey with our in house spicy pickles

Great Balls of Fire – 11

Spicy fried chicken, Nashville style, candied jalapenos, provolone cheese, arugula and house made spicy ranch

Hot Mess – 16

Fried chicken, ham, pulled pork, cheddar cheese, tater tots, fried egg and sausage gravy.

Well Bless Your Heart – 14

Chicken fried steak, bacon, covered in pepper gravy

The Dirty Devil – 11

Fried Chicken, house made buffalo sauce, arugula and blue cheese served with ranch

California Texas Club – 12

Fried or grilled chicken, crispy bacon, fried green tomato, avocado with arugula and a house made aioli

The Green Thumb – 12

Grilled chicken, provolone, chimichurri and arugula